Superhero NFT Wars (SNW) Brand Guidelines

Please review the relevant information about our brand. These are guidelines for you to follow before using our trademarks and brand assets.

Download the SNW logo and brand assets.

This ZIP file contains:

  • The full logo of SNW;
  • The separate icon for SNW;
  • Round-shaped icon of SNW;
  • Different application forms of SNW logo.

SNW brand introduction

Superhero NFT Wars is a very inclusive brand. We encourage creators to make related derivative artworks based on our icons to make our community more colorful. If you are producing or selling SNW-related artworks, we hope you can read and abide by this guideline carefully, and mark the owner of the produced product to avoid unnecessary disputes.

On the premise of your attribution, we are very happy to see more derivative works. We'd be happy if you can contact us (Twitter @supernftwars) regarding your works, and we will provide support.

Here are the detailed instructions and rules of using the SNW brand.

What can I do?

You can:

Under the premise of labeling the affiliation, recreate the SNW brand logo, create homonyms, and make related derivative artworks and peripheral products.

On ​​the premise of marking the affiliation, you can trade the above-mentioned derivatives you created.

You canNOT:

When using our brand assets (logo, icon, name) or making any derivative work/product/brand name/brand identity, it cannot be the same or similar to the SNW brand. For example:

  • NFT markets that cannot adopt "SUPER LITTLEHERO NFT WARS" as the brand name;
  • You cannot make a logo of a digital art brand with a TV-like shape, even if the color of the logo you make is different from that of the SNW brand;
  • Cannot use "SUPERHERO NFT WARS SERVE" or similar product names, which can be misunderstood as having an official relationship with the SNW brand;

Do not use or recombine any of our brand assets to imply an official relationship or partnership, or without other endorsement.

The name "SUPER HERO NFT WARS" cannot be fully used on social media channels to imply any official relationship with us. If you create a community group, twitter account, etc., you need to make it clear that the account you created is not closely associated with the SNW brand.

Do not falsely claim or imply any form of official relationship, partnership or other relationship in any way with the SNW brand.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] .

SNW Brand Logo Guidelines

SNW Logo

The main elements of the SNW icon are as follows:

  • TV frame;
  • Eyes in the shape of an "X";
  • Ear-like TV frame.

Logo Anatomy

  1. In the brand name of SNW, there is no space in "SUPERHERO", and there are spaces in "SUPERHERO", "NFT" and "WARS".
  2. SNW icon. It is the head of an analog TV robot. The appearance of the TV, with left and right ears, monitor with expression, X-shaped eyes and wavy mouth.
  3. SNW logo = icon + name. Always use this logo in exact proportions.


The icon (separate TV head) can be used alone and used to represent the platform or brand of SNW.

The complete logo is icon (TV icon) + name (SUPERHERO NFT WARS).

Logo Colors

RGB color mode - for all digital media.

CMYK color mode - suitable for all promotional materials, including digital media, print, video, etc.


In the file pack, we provide two versions of the logo.

There are black and white versions which you can choose according to your actual use background.

Logo Grids

Using a can help further clarify the relationship and proportion of each element in the logo. The following are the grid diagrams of the two versions of the logo. Take the size of each small square grid as X to describe the size of each element.

Logo Spacing

When using the SNW icon, please give the logo a space to avoid being too tight. Take the size of each small square as X, and reserve a small square around the logo (X in the figure). Below are the space reservation grid diagrams for the two versions of the logo.

Logo Background

The example image is provided to ensure the visibility of the logo on different backgrounds, and the logo version suggestions are given for specific usage needs. Please choose the appropriate logo version based on your needs:

Figure 1 is the logo on a pure black background = icon (TV head) + name (white version).

Figure 2 is the logo on a pure white background = icon (TV head) + name (black version).

Figure 3 is the logo on a dark-colored background = icon (TV head) + name (white version).

The bottom of the image shows the background grayscale table, and logo version options are provided based on different grayscale values. Please ensure that the logo has sufficient contrast with the background image to avoid blurring of the logo.

Logo Combination

When using logos in collaboration, please ensure that there is a distance between the partner's logo and the SNW logo, using the width of X (the width of the separate TV icon in the image) as the reference standard.


  • Moving the icon (TV head) to the left is prohibited;
  • Removing the icon (TV head) is prohibited;
  • Changing the color of the name text (SUPERHERO NFT WARS) is prohibited;
  • Adding spaces between "SUPER" and "HERO" or removing the space between "NFT" and "WARS" is prohibited;
  • Changing the font format of the name text (SUPERHERO NFT WARS) is prohibited;
  • Adding a projection or distorted text to the icon is prohibited;
  • Distorting the shape of the logo is prohibited;
  • Rearranging the icon and text is prohibited. If the complete logo does not suit your use case, use the icon (separate TV head) separately;
  • Rotating the logo or elements within the logo is prohibited.

The above is the detailed content and specifications of the SNW brand. Based on these principles, SNW welcomes any innovative SNW brand derivative art. We hope you can join our fun family and play with NFTs together!

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